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Submit a roundtable discussion topic

Seeking partners on a project? Feedback on your roadmap or strategy? Help understanding a challenge your organisation is facing? An opportunity to share your perspective on a focused topic or issue with a group of likeminded robotics stakeholders?

Submit a roundtable topic for inclusion in our program and leverage the expertise of our network to get the insights, answers, feedback and visibility you’re looking for. 


Our live program will feature multiple roundtable discussions that will run concurrently during the afternoon session.

Host 90 minutes of close-knit conversation on the topic of your choice:


Mix and Mingle: Two separate back-to-back 45-minute sessions

Power Session: One 90-minute session, consisting of two 45-minute blocks

We are seeking roundtable topics that bring Canadian robotics stakeholders together to share knowledge, develop partnerships and build consensus or perspective on issues of a policy, technical, or business-focused nature. 


All accepted proposals will be published on the event webpage and will also appear in the printed program to attract participants to your session.

If your roundtable discussion topic is accepted for the event, the following sponsorship options are available to maximize your visibility:


*Note that all participants must register for the event and assume the cost of admission.

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